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Welcome to the start of a new trail!

I am Jack. Some refer to me as a jack of all trades, sometimes a master of none.

In this case, I am your Jack of All Trails, Master of Some.

Welcome to your new favorite adventure/hiking/travel/awesomeness site. I am tremendously grateful to have you here. And that is no lie. Kick off your boots (or low-profile hiking shoes) and stay a while. I'll be a good host, I promise.

I would figure you are seeking useful information. Most likely of the hiking/adventure variety (sorry, can’t help you with theoretical physics). You've probably grown weary of hiking blogs that give you painfully basic information and leave you wanting more, like a one-night stand that has potential but doesn't deliver at go time.

You probably comb the interwebs for inspiration and planning, but just get an endless supply of poorly written selfie blogs with text that even Siri can't figure out.

Despair no more!

Join me here for useful information about these places, without all the crap you don't need. I'll tell you how it actually is, but without the vanity. I'm not here to promote myself; I want to promote these places the right way. Not only to keep them open for future generations, but also so you can enjoy them immensely in the present as well.

You'll get lots of practical knowhow here. I am not an expert, but I'm also not an idiot. I learn new things every day, as we all should. However, I feel that there's a litany of important details that would help a lot of people on their adventures. Since I've been there, done that, I'll give you some suggestions of how to do the same. All of this, when being very much in touch with reality, often times to a fault.

We'll also have fun here. Lots of it. Mandatory fun. If you want a serious and dry tone to your guides, check out NatGeo or Fodor's. I'm going to tell you how it is, so you'll be able to get the most enjoyment of our, in all actuality, pretty kickass world. A lot of guides gloss over what makes these places unlike anywhere else on Earth, as well as what happens as a result of everyone else on Earth going there. We don't do that. Everything on this site is made with love, or the tactile equivalent of it.

You'll not only get ideas and useful information here; you'll get stories, guides, printouts, gear reviews, long-form pieces, basically anything with words that can be intelligently assembled for us to better enjoy these magnificent places. Free of bias, censoring, partisanism, or

This is for all of you. It's not a me show. I do this so you all can have better adventures and then go on more. I'm not some paid off influencer who spends an hour setting up a nature shot with lighting stands for my 'gram. I don't have nice enough abs for that. No luck with the ass either. They claim dad bods are in, but apparently not for... I digress.

I’m also here to make sure you don’t become That Guy (or Gal). Not only because it’ll make people hate you, but it could also lead to these places being closed off to the public. Don’t want to be the one that ruins it for everyone? We'll walk you through that as well. (Yes, we'll actually have a full course on that in the future).

Whether you think I'm the Every Man Jack or some Jackass Jackwagon, I'm still beyond jacked that you're here. Take a look around and holler if you need anything or if you want to say hello. The contact link is at the bottom. Otherwise, carrier pigeons or puppies with letters work too.

Let's hit the trail!



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